About us

At our core, we are a forward-thinking organization driven by the mission to empower businesses of all sizes with cutting-edge technologies and automation tools, enabling them to enhance and streamline their management processes for greater efficiency and success.

Management systems 

20+  years of experience in designing management systems in leading companies

Business automation

Many years of experience in implementing information technologies in organizations,

Our team​​​​

A professional team that has implemented many systems design and implementation projects in leading companies,

Best solutions

Developed strategic partnerships with companies offering innovative software solutions across the globe


Customizes and tailors top-notch business automation software solutions to meet the specific needs of Armenian companies 

Our services

Business analysis

We conduct a thorough analysis and evaluation of the organization's business processes, aiming to identify any existing management issues and develop strategies to improve efficiency. Our approach involves documenting and defining any missing business processes, considering both organizational factors and international best practices from leading companies. Additionally, we specialize in creating comprehensive management systems for the organization or its specific components. 


Automation of all business management processes in the organization, such as sales, procurement, finance, production, services, project management, human resource management, CRM, task control, document circulation, website preparation, eCommerce, reporting, KPI etc. through the world's best software solutions as Odoo ERP, Salesforce

Integration, implementation, development

Implementation of our business automation software solutions in the organization, their adaptation to the organization's requirements, integration with organization's other  systems. We also implement changes in the functionality of software through coding and programming in order to best meet the requirements of the organization