Marketing automation

Discover boundless marketing potential with effortlessly automated, user-centric, and self-sustaining workflows.

Creat personalized and effective marketing campaigns

Optimize your workflows and grow your business. Segment your prospects database to send targeted messages to each prospect at the optimal time. Establish sophisticated marketing workflows that revolve around your prospects and efficiently guide them through your sales funnel, 24/7.

Create seamless customer journeys

Take full control of your workflows with a visually intuitive interface that allows for seamless customization.

Designing a multi-stage campaign with multiple pathways is as effortless as creating a two-step campaign. Incorporate new actions and designate time triggers directly within your workflow. 

Automate a wide range of tasks beyond email


We see our role as that of a legal partner responsible for constantly finding practical and pragmatic solutions that are adapted to our clients' needs.

An effective lead tracking system

Lead Generation

Generate leads through your  Website, Email Marketing and Events.


Lead Qualification

Within Odoo CRM, score your leads based on demographic & behavioral criteria and assign the hot ones to your sales teams.

Lead Nurturing

Segment your low quality leads according to their goals & interests and feed them through relevant lead nurturing campaigns.