Optimize your procurement process with our comprehensive software solution, managing everything from RFQs to receipts, product variations to vendor invoices. Sit back and let our all-in-one procurement software handle the heavy lifting for you.

Request for quotation 

Optimize your supplier communication by automating the quote request process and generating request emails. Upon receiving supplier confirmation, convert it into an order instantly with a single click. 


Once the vendor submits the purchase order, an advanced automated system promptly generates the warehouse receipt document, a meticulously crafted record that provides a detailed overview of the received goods. This document plays a vital role in the warehouse keeper's responsibility to thoroughly inspect and acknowledge the arrival of the goods, ensuring precision and accountability in the inventory management process.

Bill for transaction 

After the purchase order is completed and the goods are received, an automated payment document is generated and forwarded to the accounting department for payment processing.

Advanced Features

Stats that actually make sense

Customize reporting and measure supplier performance with the Purchase Analysis dashboard.

Built for any device

Optimally display your purchases on any screen size.

Smarter purchasing decisions

Keep up with the important stuff. Import supplier price lists, references, promotions and product stock to your own database.

More companies, less problems

multiple companies: streamline order and invoice management, and easily share data across multiple companies.