The accounting module provides comprehensive support for all accounting and financial management processes, ensuring accurate and efficient handling of financial data and transactions.

Accounting dashboard

Keep track of your accounting tasks in real-time, all in one convenient view. Say goodbye to outdated information and never miss an important detail again.

Invoices and bills

 Create purchase and sales invoices in milliseconds with an intuitive interface. The system is now integrated with Armenian E-invoicing systems and you can download invoices to our system with one click.

Experience the power of AI with our invoice data capture solution, boasting an exceptional 98% recognition rate. Just validate the invoice and witness its accuracy.

Accounting and financial reporting 


Generate accounting reports in real-time, including balance sheets, profit and loss statements, cash flow statements, cost reports, and various other financial statements.


Advanced Features

Automated follow-ups

Odoo helps you identify late payments and allows you to schedule and send the appropriate reminders based on the number of days overdue. You can send your follow-ups via different means, such as email, post, or SMS.

Real-time reporting

Real-time financial performance reports, empower you to make informed decisions for your business. Additionally, you can easily annotate, export, and access detailed information for each report.

Customer Portal

Empower your customers through the Customer Portal. Let them view, download, and pay their invoices online. They can manage their subscriptions, sign documents, track order status, send messages, and more.  

Smart Reconciliation Tool

Get reconciliation suggestions automatically and register extra journal items on the fly. Manual reconciliations interface for both open and paid invoices. Learning of account numbers based on first manual reconciliation.