Restaurant management

Point of Sale is the ideal choice for providing a seamless service experience in various restaurant settings, whether it's a food truck or a sophisticated cocktail bar.

A unified interface for 

seamless user experience

floor plans 

Elevate your team collaboration. Utilize a dynamic floorplan that provides real-time updates on tables needing assistance, enabling your staff to keep clients satisfied and optimize table turnover. 

Self ordering is the future

Let your clients call the shots, and give your waitstaff a breather. From the kiosk or their smartphones, customers can do everything by themselves, from the order to the payment.

display solutions for chef 

Get those orders rolling. The preparation display keeps your staff informed about which orders to prepare and when. Set up multiple displays for the kitchen and the bar to ensure seamless service, anytime, any day. 

Reward loyal customers

Drive customer growth by implementing loyalty programs that offer points, rewards, and gift cards, elevating their shopping experience.

person holding black and white card
Gift cards
person holding black android smartphone
a close up of a sign in a store
a group of brown bags with brown labels
person holding black Android smartphone close-up photography
Loyalty cards

Armenian localization

For Armenian companies, the point of sale is integrated with cash registers and bank POS terminals  


AMD 15000

1 user/ month
  • POS
  • sales, warehouse, kiosk, purchase, 
  • No customization
  • No support


AMD 25000

1 user/ month
  • POS
  • Sales, warehouse, kiosk, purchase, finanse, reports, more...
  • Limited customization
  • Email support


AMD 40000

1 user/ month
  • POS
  • Sales, warehouse, kiosk, purchase, finanse, reports, HR, attendence, CRM, Document approvals, more...
  • Limited customization
  • 24x7 toll-free support