Warehouse management WMS

Minimize stock shortages, accelerate operations, optimize transportation routes, and achieve real-time visibility with warehouse management solution.

Stock management 

 Ensure you never run out of stock by implementing effective replenishment strategies such as min-max rules, MTO, or the master production schedule. Let system automatically generate or trigger purchase orders for you. Additionally, streamline vendor communication by automating follow-ups, including PO acknowledgment and confirmation of receipt schedules a few days in advance.




Quality control




Streamline the process of receiving, inspecting, and storing receipts. Enhance control over incoming and outgoing shipments by implementing push and pull rules, GS-1 codes, and customizable routes. Optimize your storage with put-away strategies such as categorizing slow-fast movers, conducting ABC analysis, and implementing cross-docking techniques. These methods will help minimize the number of parts moved and reduce overall distances.


Streamline all essential warehouse tasks with a single screen, accessible even from your mobile device. 

Optimize your warehouse

Efficient inventory management system that includes features such as serial number tracking, lot management, packaging options, reservation strategies, cycle counting, key performance indicators (KPIs), and more. Instantly locate your products across multiple warehouses or companies with lightning-fast inventory lookup.

Advanced Features

Fast barcode scanner

Clearly see all expenses, reports, and statuses in the dashboard view.

Reduce distances with smart routes

Optimized procurement: map out your complex routes in Odoo and automatically plan transfers.

Full control over supply chain operations with valuable actions between different apps.

Clear reservation mechanism

Everything in expenses is done within a minimalistic UI, with just a select few configurations needed.

Inventory valuation

Whether you do perpetual or periodical, Odoo supports multiple valuation methods: FIFO, Average Price, LIFO, Standard price.

Clear traceability

Real-time reports on stock, inventory moves, and production.