Human resources management

The Employees module is not just a staff directory. It serves as the central hub for a comprehensive range of HR functionalities.

All of your people.
All in one place.

Gain a comprehensive overview of each department before diving into the specifics. Organize employees based on their working hours, job titles, or even contract statuses to obtain a complete understanding of your team from every possible perspective.

Organizational structure

With just a simple click, you can easily view the detailed organizational structure and effortlessly make changes by relocating employees between departments. 

Manage employees' competencies

   In addition to tracking the skills and knowledge of employees, the system also enables the establishment of goals and a training plan to enhance their capabilities.

Manage employees time off

Within the system, you have the ability to configure various types of time off and holidays for employees. Not only will employees be able to view the approved absences assigned to them and any modifications on their personal page, but they can also request to take advantage of specific absences. 

Advanced Features

Performance appraisals

Schedule employee appraisals and measure skills development.

Org chat

Sort teams into an easy to view hierarchy on every employee profile.

Recruitment management

  Create job openings and manage applications.

Onboarding plans

Assign activities for newly hired employees.

Attendance monitoring

Track and analyze employee attendance.