Digital marketing

Streamline your marketing efforts with a unified platform for social media management, email campaigns, and SMS marketing

Social media management on a single platform

ONE dashboard for all 

Manage all your social media accounts and their content from a single, unified dashboard. Streamline your workflow by leaving comments, interacting with posts, and engaging with followers without the need for multiple disconnected applications

Plan, monitor, and analyze your accounts in one place

Discover new customer opportunities and maintain user engagement. By establishing a solid presence on Social Media, you can heighten brand awareness, foster connections with your customers, drive lead generation, and boost your overall income. Furthermore, it serves as a valuable tool for providing customer support and effectively sharing important company news and updates. 

Email Marketing

Build awesome campaigns

Build email campaigns from the ground up or select from our collection of themes. Create compelling messages that connect with your prospects, even if you have no technical expertise. Enjoy complete control over your email content and layout with our intuitive and user-friendly software. 

Segment database

Maximize the impact of your campaigns by precisely targeting specific groups within your database. Whether it's leads, customers, or any other segment from your contacts list, you can easily select them based on country, date, job function, and more. This way, you can ensure that your campaign is delivered exclusively to the desired audience, optimizing your results.  

Improve your campaigns

Gain valuable insights into your email campaigns with accurate and real-time statistics. Keep track of lead generation, order volume, revenue generated, open rate, bounce rate, click-through rate, and enhance your overall marketing strategy. Monitor the opportunities created and forecast your expected revenues. 

Advanced Features

Calculate your ROI

Track your opportunities with Odoo CRM and gain insights into the conversion rate, projected revenue, and actual revenue generated by each of your campaigns. Utilize filters to conduct in-depth analysis.

Track your links

Maximize the effectiveness of your email campaigns by integrating a tracking code into the links. Monitor and evaluate the performance of each campaign on a dedicated dashboard using the Odoo Link Tracker.