Quality control

The Quality module is a highly effective solution for identifying and resolving the underlying causes of expensive defects, ensuring top-notch quality throughout the entire product life cycle.



A quality management tool is essential in manufacturing, warehouse processes for product acceptance release, and various other applications that require effective quality control. 

Efficient inspections without manufacturing interruptions

Guarantee product consistency and uphold quality standards by implementing regular quality assessments for manufacturing and inventory orders. 

Spot defects before they become costly

Develop effective notifications to address product defects, identify root causes, and recommend corrective and preventive actions.

Quality reporting 

 Gain valuable insights into the frequency and nature of quality checks and alerts by accessing detailed statistics. This will enable you to better comprehend the timing of inspections and the most common types of defects. 

Advanced Features

Quality alert priority

Assign alerts a priority between one and three stars to ensure the most urgent issues are addressed first.

Granular inspections

Request quality checks for an entire manufacturing order, or a specific work order within.

Kanban view

Manage quality alerts by moving them through customizable review stages.

Order integration

Complete quality checks directly from manufacturing or inventory orders, without opening the Quality app.