customer relationship management

CRM is the essential tool for a customer-focused sales approach. Monitor leads, obtain reliable sales projections, and prioritize closing opportunities that count.

Take a closer look at your pipeline.


Every opportunity is presented as a card containing all the necessary details, while each stage provides a summary of the projected revenues.

First call
1st reminder
Schedule a demo
2rd reminder
make a quotation
Follow-up quote

Clear communication with customers


Effective communication is crucial. All incoming emails are seamlessly integrated into your pipeline, streamlining your workflow and ensuring that all team members and customers can easily access important information from one centralized location. 

Transform your reporting data into valuable assets

Empower your decision-making with precise and real-time data. Explore in-depth sales metrics through revenue forecasts, team performance analysis, and customizable dashboards. 

Advanced Features

Enable automation

Automate lead creation, team assignment, scheduled activities, and focus on what really matters.

AI lead scoring

Too many leads? Our AI scores lead to ensure you always work on the right priorities.

Reduce manual entry

Send quotes in just a few clicks, manage your pipeline by drag-and-dropping, and more

Manage leads

Create, acquire, import, nurture, score, etc. Manage all aspects of your leads in a single place.